Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Tomato Plant

Okay, so remember when I said I had a black thumb and couldn't grow anything to save my life?

I think God has a funny sense of humor and this is why: I did not buy nor propagate this tomato plant. It appeared outside of my house and at first I thought it was a weed, but being the lazy bum I am, I did not pull it. After a while, I started thinking it looked like a tomato plant. When it bloomed, my conjecture was confirmed.

It is growing out in our Dog Run (a.k.a. the place where the wieners do their "business." Still wondering where I'm going with this?? We occasionally feed our dogs human food, including tomatoes, therefore, this is a "poopy" tomato plant. hahaha I think God just wanted to prove me wrong on the whole "I can't grow anything" thing! Either that or he wanted to say, "But the wieners can..."


Ashley said...

Congratulations on being a 'saucy blog'! This is too ironic and funny all at the same time! So are you going to eat the 'poopy' tomatoes?

Aubrey said...

Ooo...I have a black thumb too! Flowers I transplanted in our front yard are hanging in there though!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! God really does have a sense of humor. :)

You'll have to keep us posted on the plant's progress

EmBee said...

Um ya, I'd probably pass on that particular tomato. As for black thumbs... You should see the extremely pitiful basil plant I 'growing?' in my window sill.

Thanks for joining me on my SITS day!

Deanna said...

So does this make these organic tomatoes???

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

LOL!!! How about that? Free fertilizer!