Thursday, August 14, 2008

I've Been Tagged--Six Random Things About Me

One of my favorite homeschooling frugal mamas, Sonshine, tagged me to write six random things about myself. Here goes!

1. I grew up in the capital "city" of Helena, Montana. No, I didn't ride a horse to school. I'm allergic, so I usually just hitched a ride with these guys.

2. My Dad was a mortician, so therefore, I grew up in a Funeral Home--just like in the movie "My Girl." And yes, there were dead bodies in my house. No, they didn't scare me--they were dead, which usually means they don't do anything except lay there, being dead.

3. I met my husband on the radio. I was a college student and my friend called the radio station to win a pizza. She was chatting with him when I walked in the room, pissed off at my roommate and she handed me the phone. Here's how the conversation went:
Me: "Who's this?" said with disdain.
Him: "John."
Me: "John who?" laced heavily with sarcasm.
Him: "John Leatherwood."
Me: "Sooo, do you like leather on your wooder? Nice name buddy." handing phone back to friend

He knew what he was getting himself into, and I always remind him of that when he complains about my bitchiness! p.s. I am not Carrie Leatherwood, thankfully--it was his radio name.

4. When we bought our first new car in 2001, I was choosing between a VW Beetle and a Chevy Malibu. I decided to choose the practical Malibu over the fun VW Beetle because I thought it would be easier if we had kids to have a four-door vehicle. Fast-forward to January of 2007--I total out my Malibu and still childless, decide what the hey--I'll finally get the VW Beetle I've dreamt of since I was a teenager! One week later, while my hubby was picking up the beetle in Connecticut, I found out I was pregnant. Now I have to actually sit down in the back seat to get my midget out of her car seat, then hold on to her and maneuver my fat a** out of the car. BUT I still love my Silver Bug!!

5. Let me clear my throat for this one. Ahem. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BLUEBERRIES!! Ah, now to come down off the mountaintop. Seriously--I love them so much. I have to watch myself or I could eat a whole 5 lb. box in one sitting. I like them in just about everything--cakes, cookies, yogurt, pies--whatever! I like anything flavored blueberry--candy, sodas, and my favorite--iced coffee. I eat so many of them, I will probably turn into a blueberry someday! I've already got the shape goin' on and I'm sure the color will come soon! hah I have passed this love on to the midget and let me tell you how much fun it is changing her cloth diapers after I've given her a few too many--uber grossness!!

6. My favorite movie of all time is, well, there's actually two. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure and Beetlejuice. I really don't have an explanation for this. They are just funny and dark and silly, I guess. It's a little embarassing, especially when most people have good ones like Gone With the Wind or Wuthering Heights. C'mon, my two favorites are every bit as good as these two! Sheeeese!

Now to tag my six peeps!

1. Onawa from Baby Magic

2. Godmama Chris, because she's on bedrest and I know she's got nothing better to do! I kid, I kid!

3. Deanna from Deanna's Corner and Deanna's Corner Cooking

4. Dr. Wifey

5. Heather from Nobody But Yourself (I still think you're great even if you are a democrat haha)

6. Last, but not least Conservative Belle, who always gets me laughing with her stories about her cubicle neighbors!


Sonshine said...

Thanks for the laugh and playing along with me this morning! :)

Conservative Belle said...

I responded to the tag. At least I got taht obligatory daily post out of the way! Heh.

I love blueberries mixed with fresh cantaloupe. It is my favorite fruit salad mixture.

girlChris said...

Ok, but how do I do it? You're right, I have nothing else to do except sleep, but I have no idea how to respond to a tag :)

trashalou said...

Thanks for coming to visit Trash Towers today. It is a very special place.

Deanna said...

Those are great "tidbits"! I will have to give my random facts a little thought.

I was shocked with your love of blueberries that you don't love the Willy Wonka movie... I figured you loved the Blueberry girl! Hey... that would make a great Halloween costume.

Sydney said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm adding you to my reader!

Anonymous said...

Same deal with me - only in 2000. Choosing between the sensible Malibu and sporty 2-door.

I was seriously dating a divorced dad of two boys - so I went for the 4 door.

Still have the Malibu, broke up with the guy years ago. No regrets, though. My car still runs great. (And I am now starting to date that guy again. hmmm)


Very interesting stuff!
I'm visiting your Saucy Blog from SITS!

Wep said...

I love love love love love beetlejuice too!

Katy Leach said...

Came to your blog by way of Barbie (I heart 2 girls) and HAD to respond to your #6... Beetlejuice is also one of my ALL TIME fave movies... I watch it whenever it's on... still love it and I had this odd crush on Michael Keaton too... not sure. LOL

Looking forward to reading more, and picking up a few pointers too. :)