Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Handmade Twirly Skirt Set

I decided to try my hand at my first piece of clothing for our little neighbor girl's birthday! I've done mostly craft sewing and feel like I have a pretty good feel for it, but sewing clothing is an entirely different matter to me. It has to fit. That's kind of important... I used a tutorial from House on Hill Road. The photos are great and it turned out super cute.

I bought twice the amount of fabric needed, just in case, and I guess it was a good move. It took me two skirts to get it right, but at least this way Midget will have a cute little skirt to wear also. Who cares if her bottom hem is crooked, the waistband hem is only half the size it's supposed to be, and the seams don't match up??? Ooops...

I also appliqued a t-shirt and made a little headband to match for the birthday girl. While doing the shirt, Midget was running around and wanted to watch and was generally driving me BONKERS! Well, I learned my lesson not to sew with her around when I was half done with the tree trunk and all of its teensy weensy little twists and turns and I realized I HAD SEWN THROUGH BOTH THE FRONT AND BACK OF THE SHIRT! Grrrrrrrr..... I had to sit and rip out each little thread and take care not to poke holes in the t-shirt material. It'll probably fall apart the first time it's washed, but at least she can wear it once. " )