Friday, October 3, 2008

'Fess Up Friday Mr. Linky--Pregnancy Brain!!

A new bloggy buddy, Christian, and I were commenting back and forth about how stupid we got during our pregnancies. Christian had the fabulous idea of creating a Mr. Linky to trade "pregnancy brain" stories. SHEER GENIUS, I TELL YOU!

So here is my story. This is a post written when I was at 28 weeks. I threw in a prego pic so you can relish in my huge-ness.

Okay, I have been a bit forgetful this week. Here are some shining examples of my brainpower.

I forgot about an appointment I had--I was sitting in my office cleaning out my email and realized I was supposed to be there five minutes ago and it was going to take me at least 15 minutes to drive there.

I left my house without my glasses (thank goodness I don't need them to drive--just to read signs while I'm driving) and I had forgotten to fill up with gas, but I didn't have time to fill.

I forgot to go home and take my dogs out at lunch one day.


I put my underwear on backwards and didn't realize it until I went to use the bathroom at work. In my defense, I wear boyshorts and they are cut almost exactly the same front and back. But, I should have noticed that the tag was in the front when I put them on.

Boy, I hope this gets better after I give birth!!

Tell us a story from your pregnancy where you felt like your baby was eating your brain!! Please link DIRECTLY to your post, any links to your blog's homepage or a non-related post will be deleted and as a courtesy, I request you link back to this post.

So ladies, FESS UP!!!


Christian said...

So, is it possible that you too are a Dave fan?

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? I've forgotten all my forgetful preggers brain stories. ;D

Christian said...

One more question, is there really something happening to the bees, is the population really in danger?