Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Tale of the $23 Lip Gloss

After making good money for eight or nine years, I am having just a wee bit of trouble adjusting to the whole "budget" thing. Case in point: The $23 lip gloss.

My sweet husband requested a picture of both the baby and me to put in his wallet for when he travels. I dressed the midget in a sweet strawberry outfit and got myself all gussied up. Things were going well (I was even going to be early for our appointment, which is extremely rare), but then tragedy struck... Where is my red lip gloss?? I MUST have my red lip gloss! I thought for sure it was in one of the 423 (slight exaggeration) purses in my closet that I never fully clean out when I switch to a new purse!! I dug through a million purses, looked through drawers, closets, and any nook or cranny I could think of, but no lip gloss.

Being the cool cucumber I am, I didn't fret--I had time to stop at CVS and grab a new tube of lip gloss. I grab the baby and head inside thinking how I didn't budget any money this month for personal items--especially since I have a hard time not going completely broke when I take the baby in for pictures. What?? Seven bucks for a new tube of lip gloss?? That is scandalous!! Well, what have we here??? $1.99 red lip gloss?? I'LL TAKE IT!

I strap the baby back in the car and head towards town. About halfway there, I take out the lip gloss and put some on. What the FRICK?? This isn't red and it barely even has a gloss!! I remember that there's a new Sephora right next to where we're getting our pictures taken, so no big dealio, right?

I walk into Sephora (we have five minutes until our appointment) and a lady asks if she can help. I normally don't accept help because I like to browse (and I have a bit of a "Superwoman" complex--I can do everything myself), but I don't really have time to kill. I tell the woman I need red lip gloss, I'm in a bit of a hurry, and I don't want to spend a fortune. She takes me over and grabs a tube of red goo, hands me a wand, and watches me slop on the gloss. It's perfect!! In fact, it couldn't be any more perfect, so I head up to the register. The midget is smiling, giggling, and flirting with everyone as we stand in line and we move fast.

We get up to the register. "Hi, how are you? Cute baby! blah blah" *beep* OH MY HOLY COW!! TWENTY-THREE DOLLARS FOR A TUBE OF LIP GLOSS?? How much is the lip gloss that does cost a fortune? I certainly wasn't going to put it back at this point, so I walked out of there feeling violated and dumb!

My lesson learned: spend a little bit more money to start with or you'll end up costing yourself a fortune later!

p.s. Everytime I put this lip gloss on I think, "Well, that was fifty cents worth of lip gloss right there." At least the picture turned out nice, but can you even tell I have red lip gloss on??


Deanna said...

Money Saving Tip: You should be like me and REFUSE to have your pic taken and you would have saved a whole lot of money. ALTHOUGH if I looked like you I would been more likely to have my pic taken!

Dr. Wifey said...

hope that lip gloss has some platinum in it! great pic :o)

onawa said...

funny story. love it. but no way would I pay that much for gloss. your a lip gloss whore.