Friday, February 18, 2011

Midget's New Haircut

Midget got a sassy new haircut! She was twirling her hair so hard she was yanking chunks out of it on a daily basis. I'd go into her room and find perfect little circles of hair laying by her bed. So we took a few last pictures of the ponies and went to chop it off. She had fun doing some silly faces, but she was all business when she was modeling her new haircut for me.


Traci said...

She so works it for the camera, I love her new do.

Leighann Tindle said...

Hi Oikology,

I just wanted to pass this link along to you I used your "make a button" tutorial to make a couple buttons for a little girl with cancer that we are trying to raise funds for. I linked back to your tutorial. I hope that you will stop by and grab a button for Anna. Thanks so much for the how to on buttons. Leighann

Leighann said...

Oh and your little girls hair is adorable, by the way!