Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Midget!

Since Mister Peanut arrived only two weeks prior to Midget's birthday (and was actually due only a week before), we decided to have a very low-key celebration for her birthday. No guests, one present, and just a boxed cake mix. But you know me, I can't control my insanity, so I had to do at least one crazy thing!

Midget has been very into Yo Gabba Gabba lately, and since she had asked for a blue cake, I decided to make her a Toodee Cake. I figured I could freehand it simply on a round cake. It wasn't my finest piece of work, but it still turned out pretty cute. As you can see from her reaction, Midget thought it was pretty cool!

Here's a little eye candy of Mister Peanut. I can't believe how fast he's growing! I swear his little fingers fattened up during the day yesterday. He woke up with skinny fingers and went to bed with little chubby nubs!!


Annikke said...

Both your kids are so adorable!! I can't believe she is THREE! WOW! Cute cake too!

Aubrey said...

The cake turned out great. It really did!

I am loving the pix of your newest peanut. ADORBS!

Trying to get back into the swing of bloggy things. Come visit. Please! LOL

Anonymous said...

Dang..I was on a 5 week vacation and missed Peanut's arrival! Congratulations!! He's a perfect doll...and yes, he's grown so much already.

Your cake is great; happy belated 3rd birthday to Midget!

bacongoddess said...

Perhaps you fed him a LOT of salt that day :)