Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garden Bounty

Wowee, have we been reaping a BIG harvest from our garden!! It just amazes me that we are getting SO much more food than we did last year! Three of our four zucchini and squash plants died this year, but we've had so many cucumbers that it hasn't bothered us much. Plus, I bought four HUGENORMOUS zucchinis at the farmers market for $2.00, which ended up providing us with TWELVE cups of shredded zucchini for the freezer.

Two items of note that I need to highlight--an entire basket of cherry tomatoes and a foot-long cucumber!!! AWESOME!


Brandy said...

I don't even know how you keep up with a little one & a garden while you're preggers. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

A garden is a gift that keeps on giving! =)

Dr. Wifey said...

those tomatoes look wonderful! yummy