Monday, May 24, 2010

Chop Chop!!

Since everything seems to be getting bigger around here, I decided to make one thing smaller--my hair! My hair was pretty damamged from the initial bleaching process and had been breaking off for nearly a year, so I finally decided it was time to chop it off!

I think it's funny that people always assume that if you cut your hair when you're pregnant, it's because you think you won't have any time to fix it once the baby is born. Um, HELLO! This hair takes WAY longer to fix than pulling my all one length hair into a ponytail!!


Deanna said...

You are not kidding. I like that my shorter hair takes shorter time to blow dry, but it still takes forever to try to put into place.

I have never had ponytail hair. I envy women who have hair that looks good in a ponytail!

Lillian said...

I wear my hair curly short so I don't have to mess with it, I can't STAND messing with my hair. Your hair looks really cute!

BTW, could you send me the link to your "how to add a button" walk through? I can't find my link since my computer crashed and I want to make another button.

Thanks Doll.

Anonymous said...

It looks fabulous!! And I totally agree: it's why I keep growing mine long...I just pull it back and that's the extent of my "styling".

LadyStyx said...

I love the new hairstyle!!

Annikke said...

I love it! Looks fab-u-lous on you!

Aubrey said...

LOVE the cut!

Now...where are the belly shots! Bring 'em on!