Thursday, April 22, 2010

Buggy for You Quiet Book

My friend's son turned two at the end of March. When I was showing his Mom the progress I'd made on the quiet book for my niece sometime in January, she remarked that she would LOVE having a book like that for Church. I knew that making a quiet book like the one for my niece was much too involved and difficult for me to pull off in a few months (especially considering my niece's took almost SIX months to finish). I started looking for patterns and found one that was perfect for a boy on It is made by CopyCrafts, was $7.95, and is called Buggy For You!

Here's the finished pages of the actual book I gave to my friend's son. I didn't take a picture of the back cover because there isn't anything on it and the firefly page is actually two little squares on the collage--the purple flap with stars and the firefly itself, which hides under the flap.

I'd highly recommend this and the other quiet book patterns available from CopyCrafts at the website above. It took me less than a week to get the entire book done and the instructions were clear and pretty easy. I think you could be a relatively inexperienced sewer and still be okay making this book. The most difficult part was doing the sewing required for all the letters on the cover. It took the longest, by far, of any page.

Midget was happy to help open the book and show her little buggy buddy his present. He really enjoyed the last page, which featured his picture! I got a call from my friend the very next day (Sunday) and she was THRILLED that he sat all through church without making a peep!


Deanna said...

So when are you starting your Etsy shop?!?

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

I'm with Deanna... I don't want to make them, but i'll buy from YOU! This is adorable!! You've become quite the crafty mama:-)