Monday, February 22, 2010


I have nothing to post about. I have no energy for crafts, no stomach for cooking, and no brain to think of anything witty or funny to say.

I made dinner on Saturday night for the first time in nearly a month (chicken, rice, and steamed veggies--it doesn't get any more boring than that) and spent the remainder of the evening laying on the couch, trying not to vomit. GAH. It's a GOOD thing I did the pantry challenge in January because I've blown all my savings from January this month on pre-made food...

Midget and I did have a great time at my service club's Valentine's Day Dance. As expected, I had to drag her off the dance floor when it was time for us to go. I enjoyed having a reason to pretty myself up and wear the gorgeous dress I bought from Bettie Page Clothing for my Stepson's wedding. Thanks to my nausea, the dress fit even better than it did in November, and I actually felt like a million bucks that evening!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Peanut's First Portrait

Here's our first glimpse of Peanut! Everything looks good at this point, but I am exhausted, hormonal, and sick. Just like my pregnancy with Midget, I have lost a bunch of weight this first trimester. I just do NOT want to eat! Nothing sounds good and then I feel sick when I eat, so I don't finish my food. Good thing I have plenty of stored fat to nourish this kid!